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Newport Beach
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ReeAnn and Jessica at Barb's 70.3 Half IronmanI am ReeAnn Zamora: RN, Mother, Sister, Friend, and Triathlete

10 years ago I met a woman who had completed an Ironman. I was astounded by such an accomplishment. I looked her and I looked at me and I dismissed myself from being able to dream of being any kind of athlete.

3 years ago my brother in law completed a sprint triathlon and I was inspired. This was a doable distance that I felt I may be able to accomplish. I quickly learned that while running seems simple I was not able to run more than a 100yds without feeling my lungs would collapse. I recognized that I needed guidance and I found TriLaVie. There was an information night and a 6 weeks clinic for beginners. And I was in. I attended this clinic and did my first triathlon, the iTRY. I did it with a beach cruiser and borrowed running shoes. But I DID IT!!!. Imagine that. I was 70 lbs over weight and I DID NOT LOOK LIKE AN ATHLETE BUT I DID A TRIATHLON.

Do I dare to begin to dream? Dream that I could be something I was not born with? Dream that if I worked for it, I could BECOME an athlete???? I did!!

I did it with the support of the team and an amazing coach, Martha Szufnarowski, believing me when I did not believe in myself. And most especially, I did it with the support of my incredibly wonderful daughter, Jessica.

Was it hard work? YES.
Was I slow? YES
Did I want to quit sometimes? YES. But quitting is forever and pain is only temporary, so, I didn’t quit.

On, August 24, 2013, I stepped up and dared to challenge myself and completed my first iTRY, triathlon.
With much work and determination and a very serious amount of mental toughness;
On July 25, 2015 I completed my first Half Ironman distance Triathlon.

I am an athlete.
I am a Triathlete.
And for this girl this dream came true.