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About Us

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TriLaVie is a multi-sport training organization in Orange County, California. We provide an array of professionally-coached programs in swim, bike, run and race preparation.

TriLaVie offers endurance training programs for all levels of athletes, including:

  • TriLaVie Triathlon: Women-only triathlon team training program
  • TriLaVie Swim (also known as Swim Velocity): Co-ed Masters'-level swim program
  • TriLaVie: Run: Co-ed trail running/walking program

TriLaVie offers specialized programs to prepare you for the best race experience of your life. Whether you are new to triathlon, running, swimming or competing, TriLaVie wants to help you achieve your goals.  We specialize in creating supportive programs for athletes of all athletic levels. With the combination of professional coaching, high-energy group training, and detailed training plans, you'll find success regardless of your athletic experience.

What is TriLaVie

TriLaVie means life through the sport of triathlon and its three disciplines (swim/bike/run). 

Keeping a balance in life and training, we train in the 3 endurance sports to enhance our fitness, vitality, social connections and confidence.

TriLaVie’s skill-based trainings will introduce you to the fundamentals of each sport and challenge you as you prepare for each race. Best of all, you’ll surprise yourself as you discover what you are capable of achieving.

The TriLaVie Triathlon Program offers a unique endurance sport team experience. We provide triathlon  training programs specifically for women, and provide weekly, professionally-coached team trainings throughout the season. Many women who join the TriLaVie Triathlon team have never raced. We welcome all levels of athletes!

While the accomplishment of swimming, biking and running your way to the finish line with a personal best effort is tremendous, the lessons you learn and the strength you build within yourself are what TriLaVie team members find most rewarding. And the camaraderie you will discover as a member of TriLaVie may be what you find provides the greatest value and personal satisfaction.