PossAbilities Triathlon – Volunteers Needed!

  •  April 23, 2017
     6:00 am - 10:00 am

PossAbilities Triathlon Volunteers Needed: Would you like to help by racing the bike course or swim in the pool with a kid from the Move-Up Program? It's their first triathlon!

PossAbilities Triathlon - Loma Linda Medical Center

25040 Stewart Street  Loma Linda, CA 92354 (about 1 hour from OC)

Challenged and Able-Body Athletes Racing Together


Volunteers Needed to Race with the Movin' Up Kids

  1. Ride the bike course with a kid (8-10 yrs old)
  2. Swim the 150 yard course with a kid (8-10 yrs old)
  3. Provide general help for the kids, pool, etc.

Message from Cherie Gruenfeld, EE Founder:

We had a program last summer/fall called Movin’ Up. It included a group of our young EE kids (8 – 10) who were doing 5Ks but had never done a tri. All summer and fall we trained them to bike and swim and in December their debut tri was Tinsel Tri.

The TLV ladies stepped up and acted as Angels to race alongside the kids. It was a wonderful experience for the kids and the TLV ladies enjoyed it as well.

Their second race was the Desert Tri and, again, TLV stepped up and came out to the desert and raced with the kids.

On April 23rd EE is doing PossAbilites. This is a very inspiring race in Loma Linda which benefits challenged athletes. It’s wonderful to race alongside tiny kids and adults, who are challenged physically but have the heart of a lion.

Our little ones are going to do this event and this will be their first course where they’ll be challenged by a big hill – which they’ll do three times!

So I’m once again looking for Angels to race alongside the kids.

The event starts in Loma Linda (At the Drayson Center at Loma Linda University) at 7:00. It’s a reverse tri, so the kids will run a 5K first. All these kids are capable of running the 5K alone, but always race better when they have someone along encouraging them. Then they get on the bike and this is where the Angels are critical. A volunteer brings his/her own bike and rides right along with their kid (I assign each kid to an Angel). When they’ve accomplished the bike, the Angel can get in the water with them (None of these kids is comfortable in the water alone) or I will be there to swim with them. Seeing them cross the finish line is a thrill.

As the TLV folks who’ve helped in the past can attest, this is a very rewarding day – helping these kids.

You’ve heard me say it before…..all these kids need is a little love and caring and that what the Angels do.


Email Cherie@CherieGruenfeld.com