Open Water Swim, Run + Triathlon Race Stories

  •  August 21, 2016
     7:00 am - 11:00 am

Open Water Swim + Run + Race Stories: Triathlon Swim and/or Run with team sharing of race stories from Chula Vista and USAT Nationals! Start times vary by training goal.

Open Water Swim at Lake Mission Viejo - fresh water preparation!


This training day is unusual.  There are many options and some special instructions.  Please - PLEASE - read this carefully so you get to the right place, at the right time, for the right FEE!

LAKE GUEST PASS: $3.00 - payable at the gate - in cash.

Lake Mission Viejo is a private, member-only venue.  You must be on the TriLaVie & Swim Velocity Guest list to gain entry for our general training.  Entry fee is $3 payable at the gate, in cash.  If you are not on our guest list, but are doing the OC Tri Series Swim, you will pay them $10.  When you enter, be sure to tell the gate you are with TLV if you are on OUR list regardless of your training goals to get the $3.00 entry fee.

GUEST LIST: RSVP by Friday at 6pm

Only those TLV and SV members who are on our list will gain entry.  Please do not bring friends and family members along for this training.  You are our guest, thank you for this consideration.


  1. Swim inside the ropes  - distance on your training plan!
  2. Run around the lake for 3.5 miles - loops
  3. Run up to the Aliso Creek Bike Trail (T2 as we call it!)

AGENDA:MV Swim High Five Karen

  • 7:00 am Entry at the Lake Begins for all TLV & SV members on the Guest List.
  • Begin your training when you like - consider your own timeline so you can join us for stretch, breakfast and race stories!
  • 9:00 am Stretch and Strength Begins
  • 9:00 Breakfast Begins
  • 9:30 am Race Stories Begin - Chula Vista and USAT Nationals!


$3, payable at the gate upon entry.  Mission Viejo is a private facility and you must be on the guest list to enter.  Entry requires a fee, one of the very few trainings that we ask you to pay extra.

RSVP!  Please let us know you are coming by 6pm on Friday to get on the lake list!


  • Watch - water resistant!!!  Please bring this to each and every training.  Mandatory!
  • Wetsuit OPTIONAL!!  Water is  warm.
  • Goggles, TRILAVIE swim cap, tri-suit/team uniform or bathing suit, towel, shower supplies, flip flops
  • Run Gear
  • Recovery food, but we'll have breakfast too
  • Water to drink, lots of it!
  • Dry clothes and extra towel
  • Lawn Chair


Please bring a breakfast item once each 8-weeks! See the link for options.

BREAKFAST LINK  (bookmark this link for future reference)


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22555 Olympiad Rd, Mission Viejo, California, 92692


Lake Mission Viejo (LMVA) is a private, member-only facility and Orange County’s only fresh-water swimming lake.  Athletes must be on the guest list and pay $2 in order to gain entry.  TriLaVie & Swim Velocity host special swims and events here for registered participants only.  The lake features a swim area, beach, boats and picnic areas.  NO GLASS ALLOWED.  Please follow all instructions of Lake Staff and Lifeguards.  Thank you.

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.