Open Water Swim Practice for TriLaVie Members

  •  November 24, 2017
     9:00 am - 6:45 pm

Open Water Swims for Triathlon Race Preparation. Get comfortable in the water with additional swim practice.

Friday swims at Lake Mission Viejo are un-coached opportunities to practice in the open water.  Since the swim area is well supervised by lifeguards, it is an appropriate place to swim alone.  You may also meet up with TriLaVie members and swim together.

  • Swim time is available from 9am – Dusk (as designated by Lifeguards)
  • 5pm Coach Tracy will offer coaching advice, informally, before she begins her own swim training!  (as available).
  • Attend at your convenience.
  • Option to run around the lake until 10pm.
  • *For TriLaVie Team Members Only

CONTACT TriLaVie MEMBER DIANNA CONTINO BY 8PM on THURSDAY NIGHT to get on the lake list as her guest.  Please respect this privilege.  Abide by all lake rules, do not bring friends and family members.

Dianna Contino:  949-689-4501


This training requires a $3 fee per person payable at the gate.  Lake Mission Viejo is a private, member-only facility.  Your enrollment in TriLaVie entitles you to be our guest.  Please follow all the rules and use your best courtesy to all the staff and lifeguards. RSVP here gets you on the guest-list.  Only those on the list may enter the Lake property.


  • Wetsuit (OPTIONAL), goggles, swim cap
  • WATCH - waterproof
  • Body Glide or Slide or Pam Cooking Spray!
  • Bathing suit or Triathlon race uniform/kit
  • Sunscreen, preferably strong mineral type
  • Running gear including shoes and water/fuel to drink
  • Towels – swimming, stretching, showering
  • Flip Flops recommended (always in swim areas)


There is a risk of Swimmer’s Itch at the lake.  This condition causes red bumps (like mosquito bites) and can be mild to severe.  To minimize your exposure, apply sunscreen liberally around face and neck especially.  Shower off immediately after swimming and towel off with moderate rubbing.  For more information about Swimmer’s Itch, see the Lake Mission Viejo Website.

REMINDER: $3.00 Cash Fee Payable at Door