Cycling for TriLaVie Members 7:00am or 7:30am in Mission Viejo

  •  April 2, 2016
     7:00 am - 10:00 am

Cycling and Hill Repeats with a transition run for Team TriLaVie. Riding Santiago Canyon or El Toro Paved Trail. Training distances are according to race-goal plans and experience.


This cycling experience is open and appropriate for all levels of riders, all bikes.  You will use the part of the trail and route that works best for you.  Please arrive early to prepare your equipment and be sure your bike is in good working order.  Martha will review proper cycling strategy for the training.



  • Experienced Riders going on Santiago Canyon, distance based on your training plan
  • 7:00 am Arrive, Check In, Set Up
    • Pace Groups Formed and organized before 7:30 am
    • Groups will ride based on pace, not distance.  Know your pace for your distance goal!
  • 7:30 am RTR (ready to ride!)
  • Ride 25 - 55 miles (as determined by your training plan or modified by Martha)
  • Transition Run Optional (1-3 miles)
  • New Riders or New to TriLaVie
  • 7:30 am Arrive, Check In, Set Up
  • 7:45 am RTR (ready to ride!)
  • Overview of bike form and pedaling mechanics for hill climbing and decent safely.
  • Ride the trail (paved, off-road) doing hill work and bike handling.
  • Transition Run Optional (1-3 miles)


  • Watch or Time Piece!  You WILL time your ride and your intervals.
  • Bike, helmet and all cycling gear
  • Fuel/Water for 2-4 hours of training:  bike + run
  • Running gear
  • Recovery food, snack, more water!  (no team breakfast today)


  • There is no bathroom at this specific start location.  Before you arrive, use the restrooms at the public places (local shops).  While you are riding, you'll have choices on the upper trail (porta potty) or along the route (Cook's, Irvine Regional Park, Shops)


  • There is no specific address for the El Toro Trail.  Use the closest office building address and look for the TriLaVie Sign.
  • Address:
    El Toro Trail - T2 for OC Triathlon
    20532 El Toro Rd
    Mission Viejo, CA 92692


There is a narrow entrance to the trail and you will cross the path utilized by cyclists and runners.


Please list your desired distance as well as your expected MPH (miles per hour) for that distance on Santiago (read:hills!).  If you are new and don't know your distance/mph, put "Riding for Fun!" (and it will be......)


20532 El Toro Rd, Mission Viejo, California, 92692

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.