Bike Clinic & Cycling Hill Repeats 6:30 pm – Mission Viejo

  •  April 19, 2017
     6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Bike Clinic and Cycling Hill Repeats. Learn to power the hills with good gearing and bike handling.  Training distances according to race-goal plans and experience.  Hills are fun!

Work the Hills!!!  Work = uphill. Recover = downhill!


  • Jim Manton of Eros Cycling will provide a bike clinic with practice to learn gearing and bike handling on the hills.
  • Hill repeats are 2 miles up the hill - and - 2 miles down the hill!
  • Paved, bike trail.  No cars (well... not legally anyway!)
  • Keep repeating to fulfill your training goal or you run out of time!
  • It's just more fun to do it with others, right?
  • Time your uphills only.  The downhill is for recovery.  Take it safely.
  • Finish before dark.  This location gets dark very fast - no street lights.


  • WATCH or Time Piece.  You will time your UPHILLS!
  • Bike, helmet and all cycling gear
  • Fuel/Water
  • Recovery Fuel/Nutrition


  • There is no specific address for the El Toro Trail.  Use the closest office building address and look diagonally across the street for the entrance.
  • Address:
    El Toro Trail - T2 for OC Triathlon
    20532 El Toro Rd
    Mission Viejo, CA 92692
  • We call it T2 because it is Transition 2 for the OC Triathlon and Duathlon.


There is a narrow entrance to the trail and you will cross the path utilized by cyclists and runners.


There are no bathrooms at the parking lot.  You may use the McFadden Historic House Porta Potty near the top of the trail down a designated driveway or local shops.


20532 El Toro Rd, Mission Viejo, California, 92692

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.