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TriLaVie Triathlon Team Registration

Get Your TriLaVie Triathlon Team Membership Access Today!

Ready, Set, GO!

Before you complete your registration, you'll do more work than an actual triathlon (sigh!):

  • Have your USAT Annual Membership number and expiration available.  TriLaVie is a United States of America Triathlon (USAT) Certified Club and all participants must have an annual membership.  It is $55, covers you for 12 months, includes all your race licenses for the year, Triathlon Life Magazine and many more discounts and benefits.
  • To obtain that membership, see

If you have questions, feel free to contact Lisa or call 949-614-9711.  All questions welcome!

Please indicate one during registration that matches the fee you paid.

  • Monthly (returning members)
  • Annual (returning members)
  • Personal Coaching
    • Triathlon
    • Running


***Returning Memebers! Please login to your account before completing the form.***